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altCornerstone Seminars specialises in training and workshops in International Construction Contracts and Claims for all those involved in international construction, whether as engineers, lawyers, contractors, clients, governments, consultants or other professionals.

Cornerstone Seminars addresses the FIDIC international standard forms of contracts. The 1999 series of FIDIC forms – Construction, Plant and Design-Build, EPC Turnkey and Short Form – are addressed in workshop-based seminars led by two well-known legal and engineering authorities, both of whom have published books on the FIDIC contracts.
Cornerstone Seminars is a fully accredited FIDIC training supplier.

For more than a decade Cornerstone Seminars has been leading public workshops and in-house training sessions on FIDIC Contracts all over the world from Amsterdam to Abu Dhabi, from Miami to Melbourne and from Sao Paulo to Singapore. We hope to welcome you soon.




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