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Below is a list of upcoming Cornerstone Events. You can see more information about each event by clicking on title of the event.

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11 Dec 2014 -
12 Dec 2014
FIDIC Contracts - 11-12 December 2014 in Tblisi, Georgia

A Practical Guide to Using and Understanding the FIDIC International Conditions of Contract


  • Edward Corbett
  • Aisha Nadar

  • Daduna Kokhreidze

alt Brochure FIDIC Contracts

Tbilisi, Georgia
15 Dec 2014 -
16 Dec 2014
FIDIC Claims - 15-16 December 2014 in Abu Dhabi

Defending and Making Claims under the FIDIC Conditions of Contract 1999


  • Edward Corbett
  • Rob Palles-Clark

alt Brochure FIDIC Claims

Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates